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Mason County Fire District #4

Our district has 7 stations:

  • ¬†Station 41 2970 SE Arcadia Rd (our headquarters)
  • Station 42 3280 SE Lynch Rd Station 43 7340 SE Lynch Rd
  • Station 44 3660 Old Olympic Hwy
  • Station 45 4441 SE Bloomfield Rd
  • Station 46 130 W Golden Pheasant Rd
  • Station 47 290 SE Olympic Highway S
  • This map¬†shows our service area and station locations.

Our call volume is approximately 1000 calls per year. About 80% are EMS calls and the rest are fire related and service calls. We have 3 full time paid staff (Chief, Asst Chief, Office Manager), 2 part time paid staff (Mechanic, EMS Captain), 4 volunteer Lieutenants and an average of 35 volunteers. We also offer a live-in FF/Resident Program housing up to eight personnel.

Services Offered

We are an all Hazards Department able to facilitate:

  • * Fire Suppression
  • * Basic Life Support Transports
  • * Vehicle Extrication
  • * Rope Rescue
  • * On-scene rehab/food supply with Angels 4 We have a Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau rating of 7,8 and 9.
  • An ISO Rating of 7 translates into five road miles from a fire station while served by a water hydrant system.
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